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Are you a video creator who makes money on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram through short or long-form video content, sponsored collaborations, affiliate income or ad revenue?

Here is your legal contract bundle so that you can get your platform legally legit:

This Creator Business Legal Bundle includes these essential creator legal documents (sold separately at a value of £1,100) to protect you as a video creator on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement (for editors, producers, videographers, etc.) (£325 value)
  • Website Legal Bundle (everything you need for your website footer) (£300 value)
  • Model Release (for anyone person identifiable in your photos or videos) (£99 value)
  • Copyright Transfer Agreement (£50 value)
  • Influencer Sponsored Collaboration Contract (£325 value)
  • Creator Legal Checklist: next steps and legal tips/tricks to help you navigate branding, hiring freelancers, using music and other’s content, and other FAQs that will likely come up as you start, grow, and scale your successful channel or account as a Creator!

This bundle is perfect for:

  • Creators
  • YouTube channel owners
  • Influencers
  • Short-form creators
  • Long-form creators
  • Vloggers
  • Reactional channels
  • How-to channels
  • Gaming channels
  • Animation channels
  • Comedy channels
  • Educational channels
  • TikTok creators
  • LinkedIn creators
  • Podcaster/video podcast creators
  • or other creator on a photo or video platform creating their own businesses or side hustle

Remember that the law does not care whether you have a “baby business” or an 8-figure empire – you are a business OWNER so you need to OWN your business, including the legal to-do’s that need to be addressed by you (or delegated to a trusted professional).

While there is no way to 100% prevent someone from suing you, proper preparation now (just like going to the chiropractor and taking your vitamins) can be a lot easier, cheaper, and less stressful than an emergency room visit (e.g. dealing with a lawsuit!).


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