Employee Handbook



An employee handbook can be a valuable communication resource for both the employer and the employee. It provides guidance and information related to the organisation’s mission, values, policies, procedures and benefits in a written format.

It contains essential HR policies, procedures, and guidelines about how you run your business. Everything from your sickness absence process, right through to how you deal with poor performance – it sets out what you expect from your employees, and what they can expect from you. 

The benefits of this Template:

  • Employee handbook template
  • Over 30 HR policies
  • Detailed instructions and FAQs to help you produce your bespoke handbook
  • Help to prevent claims of discrimination
  • Protect your business
  • 100% compliant with laws for England, Wales & Scotland


  1. Adoption Leave
  2. Anti-Bribery & Gifts
  3. Bullying & Harassment
  4. Capability Policy
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Conflict of Interest
  7. DBS policy *
  8. Disciplinary Policy
  9. Driving at Work *
  10. Employee Well-being
  11. Fairness & Equality
  12. Flexible Working Policy
  13. GDPR / Privacy Policy
  14. Grievance Policy
  15. Health & Safety Policy
  16. Holiday & Special Leave (e.g. Jury Service)
  17. IT / Data Security
  18. Leavers Policy
  19. Maternity Leave Policy
  20. Modern Slavery Policy
  21. Paternity Leave Policy
  22. Personal Relationships at work policy
  23. Prevent Policy *
  24. Safeguarding policy *
  25. Safer Recruitment Policy *
  26. Shared Parental Leave Policy
  27. Sickness Absence Policy
  28. Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol Policy
  29. Social Media Policy
  30. Training Policy
  31. Unauthorised Absence (AWOL) Policy
  32. Whistleblowing Policy
  33. * Optional policies (remove if not applicable)
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