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This bundle has been designed for ecommerce stores selling products. 

What’s included:

Terms and conditions of sale, our standard delivery policy and returns policy templates, a set of terms and conditions of website use for ecommerce stores, and a privacy policy with cookies provisions adapted specifically for ecommerce.

There are three versions of the pack:

B2C (for business-to-consumer sales);

B2B (for business-to-business sales); and

B2C and B2B (for sales to both consumers and businesses).

The B2C documents in this pack have been updated to reflect the requirements of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, in force from 1 October 2015.

This pack is not suitable (or is insufficient) for:

websites selling services;

websites selling digital products; or

websites selling products, such as firearms and pharmaceuticals as aforementioned, that are subject to specific regulations.

This bundle is designed to be easy to use, without sacrificing legal protections. It is kept up to date with the latest changes to the law.


B2B, B2C, Both

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