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Calling all Social Media Managers! This agreement was made for you.

This Agreement is everything you need to give your client a professional first impression and protect yourself and your business.

A social media management contract is a legally binding agreement between a social media professional and their client. It describes exactly what social media services will be provided and protects the rights and interests of both parties. This template can be used again and again for each new client.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

An NDA is an agreement that basically protects your ideas and details of work. It’s typically used before hiring or entering into a partnership. When both parties sign, you mutually agree to not share the details of your work.


  • Agreed services
  • Fees and payment terms
  • Covers access to client accounts and confidential log-in details
  • Deliverables and KPI’s
  • Limitation of liability
  • Portfolio use
  • NDA

Who is this template for?

Social Media Managers.

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